Crendo ranked super-company

Crendo has been ranked as one of Sweden’s top 50 “super-companies” and was the only facilities management or property services company to make the grade.   The survey and analysis was done by PAR, which has ranked all Swedish companies using six key criteria including sales growth, profitability and return on capital.

With the Super-company survey, we hope to inspire businesses all over Sweden to become even better by showing what super companies have done to get there.  The list should also be a gold mine for venture capitalists looking for new and interesting companies to invest in” says Tore Thallaug, president of PAR in a statement.

“Super companies work smarter than others and one of the most important parameters are the long-term growth.  The companies that can simultaneously show long-term sales growth, consistent profitability, and sustainable resource management and a good financial strategy have a good chance to reach the super-corporate status”.

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As published in local press:

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