Brewsters now using Petainers beer keg

Petainer, leaders in plastics-packaging technology are helping Brewster’s, an independent artisan brewery, to grow their reputation for unparalleled product taste and quality.

Keen to expand awareness of their medal-winning beers, UK-based Brewster’s brewery faced a challenging dilemma: How to maintain exceptional product standards, while avoiding the prohibitive costs of transport, reverse-logistics and waste management long associated with traditional kegs?

Made of high-grade PET, Petainer 30L kegs were the natural choice for Brewster’s. Resistant to oxygen pick-up, they deliver the 100% taste and quality guarantee so essential to both independent producer and individual consumer.

Sean McArdle, Brewster’s stated: “We’ve kept beer in the keg for 3-4 months and straight away it’s got a SIBA medal competing against other breweries.”

Significantly lighter in weight than metal containers, and able to be blown in situ, Petainer kegs need less storage space, substantially reduce the price of transportation and remove the unpredictable cost of return-logistics completely.

Petainer manufacture and supply a full range of specialist kegs, which accommodate disposable fittings for the most common filling and tapping systems, making them a reassuringly familiar technology.

Petainer kegs and components are fully recyclable, wherever facilities exist, helping client’s to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their environmental credentials.

Thanks to a focus on 100% innovation, Petainer offer independent producers like Brewster’s the opportunity to pass even greater savings on to their own clients, and save a little more of the planet too.

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