New optimisation system for Secured Mail

Secured Mail, the e-commerce and postal logistics business, is introducing a new web based routing and navigation system for its nationwide delivery vehicle fleet.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Secured Mail has now chosen to partner with DPS International and Fleet -Trak for electronic scheduling and routing of its entire vehicle fleet.

Operations Director at Secured Mail, James Wilkins, explains;

“We tested a number of scenarios to optimise the network, and found DPS logix to be the one system that was user friendly and powerful enough for our Transport Department to use on a daily basis. Our test results suggest we should save between 10% and 13% of the miles covered each day. This means a considerable time saving which will have a positive impact on environmental issues, but more importantly it will lead to increased flexibility and a more pro-active approach to accommodating customer requirements.”

The system will integrate via TOM TOM’s WEBFLEET, provided by Fleet-Trak, with in-cab satellite navigation systems and telemetrics. The location of every vehicle will be fed back to the control centre to determine the estimated arrival times, enabling more helpful and effective communication with customers.

The telemetric systems will be used in a positive way to reward Secured Mail’s drivers for demonstrating best practice and reducing fuel consumption.

Commenting on the new routing optimisation initiative, James Wilkins said:

“This is pioneering technology and we are expecting the combination of the two systems to bring significant  improvements in efficiency. In turn, this will improve our general level of flexibility and upgrade our service to customers. Other key benefits we anticipate will be improvements in the driving behaviours of our crews and a reduction in our carbon footprint. Overall, introducing the new systems will revolutionise the way we operate our vehicle fleet.”


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