Petainer is a market leading, environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging manufacturer.

Petainer is a leading packaging technology company with proprietary expertise in high stretch polymer engineering.  Leveraging this expertise, Petainer has developed a number of unique and highly differentiated products, growing rapidly by entering and taking positions in a range of robust and growing global markets.  With its more established products, Petainer has leadership positions in the German refillable PET bottle market, single use PET containers in Scandinavia and single use PET kegs globally with the petainerKeg™.

More recently, Petainer has launched the petainerCooler™, which is a refillable PET water cooler with considerable durability and total cost of ownership advantages, versus all other water cooler product types on the market.  The petainerKeg™ and petainerCooler™ are just two examples of a robust portfolio of highly differentiated products, which include several new disruptive product and material technologies.

Petainer has production facilities in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia, the USA and India, with its head office in London, UK.

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