Karshare is a car-sharing company based in the United Kingdom.

KarShare is a car sharing company that allows people to rent out their personal vehicles to others when they are not using them. Their aim is to make car sharing more accessible and affordable by offering a flexible and convenient way for people to rent out their cars when they’re not using them. KarShare helps car owners offset the costs of owning a car by renting it out to others, and to provide a more affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional car rental services. KarShare operates through a mobile app and website, where users can search for available vehicles in their area and book them for a specified period of time.

The company takes care of insurance, roadside assistance, and other details related to the rental, making it easy for car owners to earn money from their underutilized vehicles and for renters to access vehicles on-demand. KarShare operates in a number of cities around the world and has received recognition for its innovative approach to car sharing and its commitment to sustainability.

Next Wave made its investment in October 2017


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