Petainer announces strategic alliance in Italy

Petainer, the specialist PET engineering business who have developed a highly innovative and successful range of PETainer one-way kegs (from 15 to 30 litres) for the beverage industry, announces a strategic alliance in Italy with Eminence s.r.l. located in Treviso, for the servicing of the wine and craft brewing sector.

Eminence along with KHS will represent the direct sales activities of PETainer as agents.  Eminence s.r.l. is well known in the local wine branch with long term relationship for international exports will market the product in the Italian territory throughout their network of agents and will organize a logistics base in the north of Italy for Petainer kegs.
Diego Pistellato owner of Eminence s.r.l. explained: “We have a tremendous demand for red, white and sparkling wines but also craft brewed beers in the Petainer keg format. This is predominantly driven by the growing Italian export market, but also niche domestic sectors.
“We have been evaluating and testing the Petainer keg for a number of months” says Luca Serena, Managing Director at Vinicola Serena. “Petainer offers significant economic and environmental benefits for our products. It will help us increase sales volumes and penetrate markets where it is difficult or expensive to use standard kegs for example to the US. ”
Joerg Lauer, Global Sales Manager of Petainer says: “The partnership with Eminence and the close local presence for Petainer keg products marks a significant step in Petainer’s development of the important Italian market. The new one-trip Petainer keg will provide many new market and export opportunities also for smaller and medium sized wine and beer producers.”
The kegs come in three sizes -15, 20 and 30Litre which will provide packages suitable for many export and domestic solutions. More importantly the package is compatible with existing trade dispense equipment and very cost effective compared to the alternatives on the market.”
KHS is Petainer’s international cooperation partner and preferred supplier of filling and handling equipment as well as machine conversion specialist for steel keg lines.

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