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GemSeek, a leading customer experience analytics provider helping global businesses understand customers through insights, analytics and AI-powered predictive models, has been acquired by Accenture. The acquisition underscores ongoing investments in data and AI capabilities to help clients grow their business and sustain relevance with customers.

Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, GemSeek offers expertise in advanced analytics and customer experience program management, along with proprietary technologies. The company is led by technology and analytics veterans – Petko Tinchev, Kaloyan Stefanov, Ivaylo Yorgov, and Morgan Evans – and they are supported by c.200 consultants skilled in technology, data engineering, social sciences, insights analytics, and advisory. They help clients across several industries—including telecommunications, healthcare, consumer goods, and financial services—to realise the full potential of their customer experience programs, cultivate enduring customer relationships, and improve revenues and operational efficiencies. GemSeek boasts an enterprise client portfolio that includes Fortune 500 organisations such as Philips Healthcare, Roche, and Liberty Global.

NWP and co-investors Beechbrook Capital and Access Capital engaged Silverpeak to manage the exit due to a strong familiarity with consumer insights, data and AI services and technology software as well as close relationships with major strategic/financial players in those markets. The sale process resulted in multiple offers valuing the business at a strategic premium.  The sale to a global leader epitomises GemSeek’s overarching objective: leveraging the power of analytics and AI to drive customer experience excellence on a global scale.

Jonathan Brod, Managing Partner, Next Wave Partners, said “It has been pleasure to work with Petko and the team over these 8 years; they are a highly talented and professional group with exceptional drive and integrity. They have made significant strides in establishing Gemseek as Europe’s preeminent consultant in the experience intelligence space, and with the backing and extensive network of Accenture they will accomplish remarkable things on a global scale.”

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